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Hi, I'm Claudia

“ As soon as I added group text messaging to my sales process, I doubled my sales the same year and customers were instantly grateful they could text message us before, during and after their trip. ”

President, Tourika 

This completely FREE case study includes:

A 10-slide PDF case study that outlines how Tourika is using group text messaging to build meaningful relationships with their customers.

A 3-page strategy guide that you can start implementing immediately.

Ideas how you can communicate better with your customers using group text messaging.


A FREE 15-minute consultation with me on how you can add group texting to sell more and offer better customer experiences throughout the customer lifecycle journey.

90% of your customers wish they could text message you when they have questions

The most used function on the 3,8 billion smartphones across the world is texting and 90% of them wish they could text businesses when they have questions. 

Textodog allows you and your sales and support teams to have 1:1 or one-to-many text conversations decision makers.

Add Textodog to your marketing automation campaigns

Add group texting to your existing marketing automation campaigns or ask us how we can create one for you. This allows you to send automatic text messages to all decision makers in the same conversation.

High ticket items are often purchased by more than one person. Include everyone in your text conversations!

3 steps to close more deals with group text messaging

Textodog is a group text messaging platform that allows you to close more deals by including all decision makers in the same group conversation.

Download the case study to learn how Tourika benefited by using marketing automation and a group texting platform.

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